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June 5, 2020

Message from the Assistant Head of School

Students and faculty are currently focused on preparing for Final Exams. It is always an exciting time of year as we work together to review course concepts, synthesize understanding, and strive for success.

This week, students completed several Culminating Tasks in courses, including impressive Essay Assignments in Grade Twelve English class. Teachers are very proud of students’ ongoing commitment to their studies and we wish our community well as we move together into the final stages of our 2019-2020 school year. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy weekend,

Stephanie Long – Assistant Head of School



Upcoming Dates to Put on Your Calendar

  • June 11 – 17: Final Exams
  • June 18: Virtual Closing Ceremonies
      • The Interactive Programme will be emailed in the afternoon. Students and families can watch at whatever time best suits them.
  • June 30: Final Reports Sent

School Closure Reminder

All publicly-funded schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year. Fieldstone will follow suit as part of an effort to keep students, staff, and families safe. We miss sharing our campus with our community but know that during these uncertain times, health and safety must be our highest priority. We will continue to support our students with Google Classroom and our video conferencing software. 

Virtual Closing Ceremonies

We recognize that our Awards Ceremony and Graduation are important culminating events of our FKCS school year. Unfortunately, it is not safe to hold these ceremonies in person this year. As a way to recognize our students’ achievements and celebrate our graduates, we are creating a “virtual” ceremony, which will be sent to students and families on the afternoon of June 18th. 

This ceremony will include videos of teachers presenting students with awards and celebrating student achievements. As always, a collection of photos will remind students of some of the year’s highlights. We will also showcase our graduates through heartwarming slideshow presentations.

We will mail certificates and medals to recipients when it is safe to access the school once again.

Collecting Belongings from School

Locker cleanup is scheduled to be Monday, June 15 to Thursday, June 25. Each time slot will be 20 minutes and we can accommodate four locker cleanups in each time slot. Please be advised that we can only allow one person per locker in order to accommodate four locker cleanups in each time slot. 

Please e-mail Ms. Tami Ellis ( or Ms. Krystal Zhang ( to book an appointment for locker cleanup.

We ask anybody entering the school campus to please follow Public Health guidelines::

  • wear a face covering and gloves when entering school
  • park leaving a free space between cars
  • do not gather outside the school before or after having collected their personal effects;
  • respect the physical distance of 2 m at all times
  • sanitize your hands before you enter and after you leave the school
  • please bring your own bag to gather your belongings

Due to the complications caused by COVID-related measures for the yearbook company, yearbooks will be delivered in July. You will be contacted via email when more information becomes available.

Course Culminating Tasks

Please check your Google Classroom for your CCT progressive due dates.


Our examination schedule can be found here

Examinations will be administered online. Please ensure you have a working web camera and can share your screen prior to your examination.

Room assignments and exam room links will be distributed by your teacher next week. Teachers will go through the exam protocol with you on Tuesday.

If you require any accommodations or have concerns regarding the examination process – please email

Final Marks – amended June 4

The Ontario Ministry of Education has issued an update on policies regarding Assessment and Evaluation during the Covid-19 mandated closure of schools. Please see our updated policy below: Please note that we are no longer offering the 3 days for mark improvement – as marks will not drop below the achievement level initially recorded on your March Quarterly Report.  

Students have continued to participate in evaluations and learning course material. If you are concerned about your current progress due to online learning and the stress of the pandemic, please reach out to your teacher, Mr. B. Munshaw ( or Ms. Wu ( 

FKCS students are expected to continue their studies online. These studies will allow students to be prepared for the next academic year or, in the case of our graduates, for their post-secondary destinations. 

Fieldstone takes the future success of students very seriously. We also understand the posed challenges of the current global events. We have implemented the following amendments to our evaluation policy:

  1. Students’ achievement level in March will be used as a baseline of achievement for final reports. Please note that we are looking at the overall level (e.g. Below Level 1, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4). March’s marks are not official marks and were based on limited assessments of learning. 
  2. Students’ marks will not fall below the achievement level that was given as of the first quarterly report. 
  3. Students who have improved their marks with the additional evaluations will be given their improved mark on their final report.
  4. Please note that evaluations that were marked Below Level 1 due to a breach of the student Code of Conduct (e.g. cheating or plagiarism) will follow the original academic policies. We expect our students to participate in evaluations in accordance with the student Code of Conduct.
  5. Learning skills will be primarily based on data collected prior to the school closure. Online work that has improved the student’s rating can also be included. 
  6. Teachers will use holistic judgement of the students to determine the weighting of evidence (including CCT/Exams) in determination of a mark.

Students are also reminded of our academic policy regarding Course Culminating Tasks (P. 36 of the Student Academic Calendar Appendices)

Absence During Course Culminating Tasks

Ongoing Course Culminating Tasks in all courses take place during the months of December & January (Semester 1) and May and June (Semester 2). These tasks may make up to 30% of the final mark and are a mandatory component of the course. Planned vacation time is not a valid reason for missing course culminating tasks. 

Students write their examinations according to the exam schedule and are asked not to leave the country before a scheduled exam is to take place. Course Culminating Tasks will not be rescheduled unless extenuating circumstances were discussed with both the course teacher and the Assistant Head of Schools prior to the absence.

Online e-books

Nelson Canada has made many of their ebooks available online. Please go to and follow the directions. 

Cambridge English has released a free writing tool to help students improve their writing as well as prepare for IELTs.

Online Learning Expectations

Please see our Online Learning Expectations Addendum to our School Calendar and policies. We will continue to update this with the latest policies and accommodations during this time. 

Please note that at this point – students should have a working laptop. Minimum system requirements are:

  • Sufficient system resources to run Windows 10 or Mac OSX
  • A working web camera
  • A working microphone
  • Working speakers
  • Chrome browser or brave browser

All evaluations are conducted using web cameras and screen casting. Prior to each evaluation, students are expected to do a 365 degree sweep of their workspace and ensure they do not have more than one monitor or more than one electronic device.

Students are reminded that the student code of conduct remains in effect on the online learning platforms. 

Keeping our Community Active

Our Athletic Director has compiled a useful list of activities and tips HERE

Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct

While learning has moved online, the Code of Conduct is still in effect and it is important that we maintain our positive community standards in all types of Fieldstone learning environments.

All members of the community are expected to understand and follow these expectations.


Message from our Guidance Team

Course Selection for 2020-2021

Course selection has been completed for students who have re-registered. Students who continue to re-register throughout June will be contacted by Ms. Wu for your meeting time. 

Virtual Appointments with Ms. Wu

If students would like to make an appointment with Ms. Wu, please send her an email at, and she will arrange a Google Meet with you.

Openings in University Programs

On June 5th, the OUAC will be opening up the Admission Information Service (AIS) for students who have not received an offer from an Ontario university. This allows students to search for and apply to openings at Ontario universities. Once you find an open program of interest, you can add it to your application and submit it again. For more information, please see this link: 

Your University Offers

Congratulations on accepting your offers! It is a very exciting time for you as you prepare for the end of the year, and make plans for the start of your post-secondary experience. 

Please remember that even though you have accepted your offer, it remains conditional until your Ontario Secondary School Diploma is finalized – this means that you need to finish the year off strong! 

Be aware of the next steps that you are required to follow to ensure you are ready to start in September, and that you are meeting the deadlines for your post-secondary destination. Every school is different – the course registration dates, deadlines for tuition deposits and payments, and deadlines to apply for residence and scholarships – it is your responsibility to ensure you stay on top of this. The school will send you notifications, by mail or email (or both) informing you of your next steps. Ensure you frequently check your email and mailbox so you do not miss any important news or updates.

Many universities and colleges have online tutorials available on the Registrar’s website to help guide you through the course registration process. These tutorials will make you aware of some of the following information:

  • Where to find course calendars for your specific programmes
  • How to log in to the registration portal, how to plan and outline your schedule, how to find out when your designated course registration time is.

Take advantage of these opportunities, as they will help you get yourself organized and prepared for the start of your first year of post-secondary education.

Summer School: Updated Information

In the interest of health and safety, schools are anticipated to be closed until at least the end of June and City of Toronto Summer Camps have also been cancelled. Since our community’s well-being is of paramount importance to us, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our summer school programme. We will contact students who have already enrolled to discuss the implications to their study plans and alternatives we can offer.

Community Reminders and Updates

Prefect Announcement

Prefects recognize that students are very busy during this time of year. Submissions for our planned “Video Showcase” were very few, as a result of students prioritizing a strong academic finish to the school year. If you would like your art shared with the community via the school’s social media platforms, you are welcome to contact Ms. Long. We are always impressed by our students’ talents!

Co-Curricular News: Congrats to our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Achievers!

This year, TWENTY students successfully completed their Duke of Ed Awards at the Bronze level. We are tremendously proud of these students and know that they worked very hard to reach their goals.

Student All-Stars

Please click  HERE to read about students who have exemplified Fieldstone character values recently. Each “all-star” has earned two points for his/her House! Thank you to our all-stars for their valuable contributions to our Fieldstone community.

Social Media

We’re still showcasing moments of learning and successes online! We have so much to be proud of. Please follow us on social media to keep up with our latest events, photos, and activities.

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FKCS in Recent Pictures

From top to bottom: Grade Twelve English students completed their CCT Essays, Grade Nine Science students worked on Food Chain Labs, and Communications Technology students submitted their Movement Projects.


2019-2020 Important Dates

2020-2021 Important Dates


Homestay Families: A Valued Part of our Fieldstone Community

We would like to invite Fieldstone families to be part of international students’ Canadian experience. Homestay families promote Canadian cultural immersion by integrating students into family life. Short-term options are available, as we look forward to welcoming two students from Europe next year on their “Year Abroad” experience.

Interested families are asked to please contact Ms. Kristine Foy by email or by phone 416-854 4897 today.

Please stay up to date with school events by checking our weekly Friday File throughout the year.






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