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Fieldstone is a welcoming and inclusive community.

Fieldstone produces self-confident and
academically-prepared students.

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Fieldstone is a welcoming and inclusive community

Dear Fieldstone Students, Parents, and Guardians:

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome all of you. Your family is embarking on a wonderful journey along with the Fieldstone King’s College School staff that will prepare your child to be a future leader global citizen.

You and your child have so much to look forward to this year. Our programmes offer a structured environment to monitor your child’s progress, provide support and guide your child to excel. Through quarterly reports, you will learn of your child’s progress both academically and behaviourally as the year progresses. Our after-school and lunch tutorial programmes will ensure your child has the support he/she needs to be successful. Finally, our dynamic Ontario-Cambridge curriculum will provide your child with opportunity to earn world renowned IGCSE and A Level qualifications. We believe that all children have the ability to achieve great things and have developed an academic programme that will challenge students of all abilities.

We believe that the future leaders of tomorrow must be well adjusted to the emerging globalized community. To prepare our students, we offer opportunities for our students to learn international languages and cultures in an immersion environment. Our English as a Second Language, French and Chinese language students are supported with industry-renowned Rosetta Stone software to give them the opportunity to practise their speaking and listening skills outside of class. Our English-Chinese reciprocal peer-tutoring programme give our students the opportunity to establish friendships with native speakers to improve language mastery. Our students are taught the cultural literacy they will need as they enter a cosmopolitan workforce.

Each student at Fieldstone is known, cared for, and understood. Our small classes give teachers and students the opportunity to really get to know and respect one another. Not only do teachers and students spend time together during class hours, they spend countless hours together in clubs, sports teams, tutorials and class trips. That is why our graduates continue to visit us years after graduation – Fieldstone is not just a place to learn academics, it is a place where children grow into adults under the guidance and care of passionate educators.

These are the years where young adults begin making decisions that can affect them for the rest of their lives and we make sure our students know that we are here to help them. Our guidance department and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme ensure that students have the support they need to prepare for university, their future careers, and leadership roles as well-rounded adults.

There is an exciting journey ahead and it is our honour to be with you every step of the way!


Michael Munshaw

Head of School


Fieldstone is a welcoming and inclusive community

Fieldstone is a unique co-educational, non-denominational school where Canadian and International students are inspired to achieve great things. In our enriching and nurturing environment, Fieldstone students build self-esteem through academic, co-curricular and social successes. Our caring and patient approach ensures that each student is given the opportunity to become happy, productive and successful.

The school began in 1997 as a K-6 school of 8 students in the basement of a church in mid-town Toronto. Since that time, a group of passionate and committed professionals has provided excellence in academics and an exceptional school community to hundreds of students and their families. At present, Fieldstone King’s College School and Fieldstone Day School are the academic homes to over 300 students.

Fieldstone is now located on a spacious 6.4 acre campus in North Toronto. The 47,000 square foot building is equipped with spacious classrooms on three floors. Grades 9-12 classes use the third floor classrooms and science laboratories, as well as the arts studios, cafeteria, and gymnasium on the first floor.

Outside the building, our students enjoy large athletic fields, manicured gardens (we even have a student horticultural club), and a mini-amphitheater that can be used for classes in warmer weather.

We encourage you to visit the school to tour our campus in person.

At Fieldstone, we don’t just challenge the individual, we individualize the challenge

Fieldstone is founded on a strong and positive belief in our students. Young people, very naturally, exhibit a powerful desire to be successful both socially and academically. It is our responsibility, as a school, to help guide, encourage, and support them to make that desire a reality. We achieve this goal by teaching an enriched curriculum in the context of a caring and supportive environment. At Fieldstone, we see not the students we meet but the adults they will become.

At Fieldstone, we have supportive and caring teachers

Head of School Michael Munshaw, MSc, OCT
Acting Head of School/Director of Business DevelopmentGinie Wong, BSc, BEd, MBA (Pending), OCT
Assistant Head of School/ Cambridge Programme CoordinatorBrian Munshaw, MSc, BMSc, BEd, OCT
Assistant Head of SchoolStephanie Long, MED, BED, OCT
Administrative AssistantPaige Driscoll, BA
Admissions and International ProgramsKristine Foy, MA, BA
Admissions CoordinatorKayla Cobbett, BED, BA, TESL, MED (pending), OCT
Katrina Persa, BA, BEd, OCT
International Student CoordinatorShawn Chen, BSoc, MBA
Marketing Melany Butcher, HBA
Academic Data ManagementHala Hussein, BA
BursarMonica Park, BSc
LibrarianLisa Akita
Main Teaching Subject(s)Instructor
MathJordan Bell, MSc, BMath, BEd, OCT
English, DramaMary Code, MEd, OCT
Physical EducationAmanda Davidson, MED, BSC
CivicsLaureen Dennis, BA, BEd, OCT
Visual Arts Devon Henderson, BA, BEd , OCT
Sciences, MathAndrew Johnson, MSc, MEd, OCT
SciencesJudy Fe Larong, PHD, MChem, BSC, OCT
Simplified Chinese, MathLillian Liang, MEd, BA OCT
MathLilia Mao, MSc, BEd
English, History, LawTonia Misevski, MA, OCT
Career StudiesKatrina Persa, BA, BEd, OCT
Visual Arts, Computer TechnologyAlexandra Peters, BEd, BFA OCT
Business, AccountingRinu Philip, Mcom, BED, OCT in progress
Music, GeographyTaya Rosenberg, BMus, BEd, OCT
ESLAlyssa Rossi, BA, BEd, OCT
FrenchAshweena K-Rumajogee, BA, PGCert
ESLHelen Tsiriotakis, MED, BA, OCT
English, ESLKaren Walmsley, MA, BEd, OCT


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We have hot meals cooked daily onsite, as well as a wide range of snacks available for purchase.  Students need not subscribe to a set number of meals, as they can simply purchase lunches as needed from our friendly cafeteria staff.

Fieldstone is a “NUT FREE” school. Please do not send anything for snacks or lunches which contains nuts. This is very important to children who have this very serious allergy. Refer to page 15 of the 2016 – 2017 Student Handbook for more details about our food services and policies.

At Fieldstone, students are required to wear school uniforms.

  • Students must wear a FKCS crested shirt.
  • Fieldstone ties will come in two different sizes to accommodate our students’ needs.
  • Girls may choose to wear a Fieldstone scarf or tie if they are wearing a dress shirt.
  • Upper School students will have the option to wear a stylish unisex navy zipfront cardigan sweater (with a collar) or the Fieldstone hoodie any days except Wednesday (Number One Dress).
  • Undershirts must not be longer than any Fieldstone shirt (i.e. they may not ‘poke out’ or be visible at the bottom of the shirt)
  • All shirts must be of an appropriate size for the students (not too tight or too loose). If a student wears a button-down dress shirt, he/she must wear a tie.
  • Kilt length must be no higher than the student’s hand width above the top of the knee.
  • All students are required to follow the school’s uniform policy and will not be permitted into class, or will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action if they refuse to do so. School administration commits to be reasonable; however, this is a uniform school and therefore students (with cooperation of their parents) must abide by this policy.
  • Uniform can be purchased at InSchoolwear.

Number One Dress

The following items are to be worn on Wednesdays and special event days:
White shirt/blouse and tie are allowed to be worn on any day during the week, but they must be worn in a neat and complete manner (i.e. If a student wears a button-down shirt, a tie must be worn.)


  • Black Leather, Polish-able Dress Shoes (no running shoes)
  • Navy Blazer (Crested)
  • White Button-down Shirt (Crested – optional)
  • Red Tie (Crested)
  • Medium-Grey Dress Pants (from In School Wear)
  • Black or Dark Grey Socks


  • Black Leather, Polish-able Dress Shoes with a heel no higher than 1.5 inches/3.5 cm (no running shoes)
  • Navy Blazer (Crested)
  • White Button-down Shirt (Crested – optional)
  • Red Tie or Scarf (Crested)
  • Tartan Kilt OR Medium-Grey Dress Pants (from In School Wear)
  • Navy Knee Socks or Navy Tights (with Kilt) OR Black or Dark Grey Socks (with Pants)

Casual Uniform Options

The following items can be worn on regular school days except on Wednesdays and special days

  • Shirts are to be worn with medium-grey pants or kilt.
  • Casual shirts do NOT have to be tucked in when worn on their own.
  • These shirts must be of an appropriate size for the students (not too tight or too baggy).
  • If student wears a button down shirt, he/she must wear a tie.
  • Navy Cardigan, button (Crested)
  • Navy Vest (Crested)
  • Navy V-neck Sweater (Crested)
  • White Polo Shirt (Long- or short-sleeved, Crested)
  • Navy Zipfront Cardigan Sweater (Crested)
  • Fieldstone Hoodie

Physical Education

  • Gym T-shirt (Crested or with Grizzly Logo)
  • Gym Sweatshirt (Crested)
  • Gym Sweatpants (Crested)
  • Gym Shorts (Crested)

In order for the uniform policy to be implemented effectively, the school will loan the required uniform piece(s) to students at $5 per piece per day (for students who are not in proper uniform). Students will be sent to the Upper School Office to borrow the uniform piece(s) and all items need to be returned by 4:00 p.m. the same day. Each student will start with $200 in his/her account; an appropriate amount will be deducted from the account every time uniform pieces are loaned to the student. Statements will be sent to parents/guardians every two weeks.

Community Standards for Personal Expression

All students are encouraged to maintain an overall appearance that is suitable for a 9-12 private-school academic community. Discretion should be taken with regard to the following:

  • Hair colour and style (no unnatural colours please)
  • Excessive visible piercings and tattoos
  • Jewelry

A student may be asked to speak with the Assistant Head of School if it is felt that his or her appearance is deemed to be at odds with the spirit of this policy.

Student Apparel at School-sponsored Evening Activities

Students are required to wear clothing that is appropriate to the given activity while remaining within the school community’s standards. Specific dress codes will be in effect for certain events. A student may be asked to speak with the Head of School if it is felt that his or her appearance is deemed to be at odds with the spirit of this policy.

Grub Days

Grub days are events wear students do not need to wear their usual uniform. In these cases – students will be expected to wear clothes that are fit with the theme of the grub day. In some cases, grub days will be marked as casual or athletic days. in these cases –

Students are reminded that ‘casual’ must be accompanied by ‘appropriate’ when selecting clothing for these days. There can be no pictures of cannabis leaves, swear words or extra tight and revealing clothing. A student may be asked to speak with the Assistant Head of School if it is felt that his or her appearance is deemed to be at odds with the spirit of this policy.

When it is a casual day, students cannot “dress down” their uniform. If they have forgotten their casual dress, they must wear their regular uniform properly. For example, they must still have shirts tucked in and must be wearing proper shoes.


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