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Fieldstone is a welcoming and inclusive community.

Fieldstone is a unique co-educational, non-denominational school where Canadian and International students are inspired to achieve great things. In our enriching and nurturing environment, Fieldstone students build self-esteem through academic, co-curricular and social successes. Our caring and patient approach ensures that each student is given the opportunity to become happy, productive and successful.

The school began in 1997 as a K-6 school of 8 students in the basement of a church in mid-town Toronto. Since that time, a group of passionate and committed professionals has provided excellence in academics and an exceptional school community to hundreds of students and their families. At present, Fieldstone King’s College School and Fieldstone Day School are the academic homes to over 300 students.

Fieldstone is now located on a spacious 6.4 acre campus in North Toronto. The 47,000 square foot building is equipped with spacious classrooms on three floors. Grades 9-12 classes use the third floor classrooms and science laboratories, as well as the arts studios, cafeteria, and gymnasium on the first floor.

Outside the building, our students enjoy large athletic fields, manicured gardens (we even have a student horticultural club), and a mini-amphitheater that can be used for classes in warmer weather.

We encourage you to visit the school to tour our campus in person.

Fieldstone prepares students to be global leaders.

Fieldstone is founded on a strong and positive belief in our students. Young people, very naturally, exhibit a powerful desire to be successful both socially and academically. It is our responsibility, as a school, to help guide, encourage, and support them to make that desire a reality. We achieve this goal by teaching an enriched curriculum in the context of a caring and supportive environment. At Fieldstone, we see not the students we meet but the adults they will become.

School Profile 2019-2020

At Fieldstone, we have supportive and caring teachers.

AdministrationEmail Link 

Ginie Wong, Head of School, Operations & Personnel

Ms. Ginie Wong (BSC, BED, MBA, OCT) has been with Fieldstone for over twenty years. She is committed to lifelong learning and to promoting student success.

Email Ms. Wong

Brian Munshaw, Assistant Head of School/ Cambridge Programme Coordinator

Mr. Brian Munshaw (MSC, BMSC, BED, OCT) joined Fieldstone in 2013 and has worked in a variety of roles from Guidance Counsellor to his current leadership role at FKCS.

Email Mr. Munshaw

Keyan Wu, Guidance Counselor

Ms. Keyan Wu (BA, BED) graduated from Queen’s University. Having grown up speaking both Mandarin and English at home, Ms. Wu understands and is well equipped to respond to the needs of English Language Learners.

Email Ms. Wu

Kristine Foy, Managing Director, Admissions and International Programs

Before joining Fieldstone, Ms. Kristine Foy (BA, MAT, RECE) worked in both private and public education sectors for more than a decade.  She is passionate about education and student support.

Email Ms. Foy

Melany Butcher, Admissions Coordinator

Ms. Melany Butcher (HBA) Melany Butcher was born in Daegu, South Korea and came to Toronto when she was 12 years old. She studied Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) at UofT.

Email Ms. Butcher

Hala Hussein, Academic Data Management

Ms. Hala Hussein has been working at Fieldstone for nineteen years. She received her Bachelor of Arts (French Language and Literature) and speaks both Arabic and French.

Email Ms. Hussein

Monica Park, Bursar

Ms. Monica Park (BSC) is our school's beloved long-standing Bursar.

Lisa Akita, Librarian and International Admissions Coordinator

Ms. Lisa Akita appreciates Toronto's multiculturalism and enjoys supporting our Japanese community, as well as our students from around the world.

Email Ms. Akita

Tami Ellis, Receptionist

Ms. Tami Ellis was born and raised in Toronto. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Law and Society. Her passion is working with children and youth from around the world.

Email Ms. Ellis

Main Teaching Subject(s)Instructor and Email Link 
International Languages (Chinese), Learning SkillsMiranda Bai, BA, MED
MathsJordan Bell, MSc, BMath, BEd, OCT
English, HistoryDana Fragomeni, MMSt, BA in English and History
General Science, Maths, Chemistry, BiologyNeha Dwivedi, MSC
Visual Arts, Communication TechnologyJessica Gordon, BA, BED, OCT
Physical EducationJoelle Jacobs, OCT
Maths, PhysicsLilia Mao, MSc, BEd
ESLBrian Munshaw, MSC, BMSC, BED, OCT
MusicSammi Lee
ESL, Business, FrenchFrancess Wells, BA, BED, OCT
English, GeographyKeyan Wu, BA, BEd

We have hot meals cooked daily on site, as well as a wide range of snacks available for purchase.  Students need not subscribe to a set number of meals, as they can simply purchase lunches as needed from our friendly cafeteria staff.

Fieldstone is a “NUT AWARE” school. Please do not send anything for snacks or lunches which contains nuts. This is very important to children who have this very serious allergy.

Fieldstone’s School Uniform.

At Fieldstone, students are required to wear school uniforms. Uniform must be of an appropriate size for each student, and kilt length should be no higher than the student’s finger tips when arms are at sides.

All students are required to follow the school’s uniform policy and will not be permitted into class and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action if they refuse to do so. This is a uniformed school and therefore students (with cooperation of their parents) are expected to respect and cooperate with this policy.

Uniform can be purchased at DGN KILTERS. Please find DGN’s Back-to-School Shopping Flyer, highlighting online shopping options, HERE.

Number One Dress Options



  • Black Leather, Polish-able Dress Shoes (no running shoes)
  • Navy Blazer (Crested)
  • White Dress Shirt (Crested – optional)
  • Maroon Tie (Crested)
  • Black or Grey Dress Pants
  • Black or Dark Grey Socks



  • Black Leather, Polish-able Dress Shoes with a heel no higher than 1.5 inches/3.5 cm (no running shoes)
  • Navy Blazer (Crested)
  • White Dress Shirt (Crested – optional)
  • Maroon Tie (Crested)
  • Tartan Kilt or Black or Grey Dress Pants
  • Navy Knee Socks or Navy Tights (with Kilt) OR Black or Dark Grey Socks (with Pants)


Casual Uniform Options

The following items can be worn on regular school days except on Number One Dress Days:

  • Navy Cardigan, button (Crested)
  • Navy V-neck Sweater (Crested)
  • White Polo Shirt (Long- or short-sleeved, Crested)
  • Navy Zipfront Cardigan Sweater (Crested)




Physical Education

  • Gym T-shirt (Crested or with Grizzly Logo)
  • Gym Sweatshirt (Crested)
  • Gym Sweatpants (Crested)
  • Gym Shorts (Crested)

Community Standards for Personal Expression

All students are encouraged to maintain an overall appearance that is suitable for a Grade 9-12 private school academic community. Discretion should be taken with regard to the following:

  • Hair colour and style (no unnatural colours please)
  • Excessive visible piercings and tattoos
  • Jewelry

A student may be asked to speak with the Assistant Head of School if it is felt that his or her appearance is deemed to be at odds with the spirit of this policy.

Spirit Days

Spirit days are events where students do not need to wear their usual uniforms. In these cases, students will be expected to wear clothes that fit with the theme of the school spirit event.