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Steps to Follow

Complete the Application Form: Application Form Sign and date it.

Upload documents and make payment of the $250 application fee through our online using our form by cash by credit card by wire transfer Or

Submit your application package, including $250 application fee payment, to: in person or by mail to: Fieldstone King’s College School Admissions Office 2999 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON M6B 3T4

  • Completed FKCS Application Form
  • Payment receipt of $ 250 application fee (by eTransfer or completed credit card payment form, or wire transfer)
  • Proof of citizenship (passport, birth certificate, citizenship card, PR card, etc.)
  • Copies of the applicant’s  most recent two year’s school report cards.   Grade 12  applicants must include Grade 9, 10 and 11 school report cards.  Pre-U applicants to include his/her high school diploma.
  • Copies of any academic or professional assessment, if available.
  • Copies of any academic or extra-curricular awards or achievements, if available.

Step 4:
Your application will be reviewed and returned with a decision within three business days. Successful applicants will receive a Conditional Offer and an invoice from the Admissions.

Step 5:
Make full payment in person, by cheque or bank wire transfer to Fieldstone King’s College School (additional $40 fee applies). Email the payment receipt to International students will receive an official Letter of Acceptance for study permit application purposes.

Step 6:
Contact our Admissions Office to arrange additional student services if needed.

Step 7:
Book a Registration Day for academic assessment (English and Mathematics) and Orientation. Registration Session Checklist

  • Up-to-date immunization record
  • Original Transcripts and/or report cards
  • Government issued ID (passport for international students)
  • Study Permit (for international students)

Admission Process

We are committed to supporting and celebrating the individuality of each of our students. Our close-knit community of families, teachers, and students is dedicated to academic excellence, student leadership, and global awareness.

We can happily fit your schedule and would like to welcome you any day of the week. To schedule an appointment, please complete the online form or call 416-487-1989 ext. 227. Admission to Fieldstone is based on a review of the following: the application, copies of report cards from the past two years, an interview, an optional class visit, and results from the assessment we administer.

We’re confident that Fieldstone can provide your child with an exceptional learning experience, both socially and academically. Please contact us if you have any questions about joining our community.

Brian Munshaw, Assistant Head of School

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By phone call:  416-487-1989 ext. 227

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Student Support Programmes

At Fieldstone, we try and make our admissions process as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Student Success Plans
At Fieldstone, we aim to support the success of each and every student. In the case that a student requires unique accommodations in order to demonstrate his/her achievement, a Student Success Plan (SSP) will be created. The SSP development process is a collaborative one, involving family members, teachers, and oven members of the broader community (doctors, mentors, etc.).

Our committed Assistant Head of School has extensive experience with a variety of special educational needs, and helps teachers to better understand the unique challenges that students may face and to best implement necessary supports and accommodations. At Fieldstone, we really do “individualize” challenges for our students and are committed to helping every student to be successful.

Peer-to-peer leadership is an important aspect of Fieldstone’s culture. Students from older grades gain valuable leadership experience helping younger students to study and to grasp academic concepts.

All teachers provide a minimum of two extra-help sessions each week. A schedule will be posted in each classroom and will be updated regularly on the website.

All of our teachers have extensive experience supporting the needs of English Language Learners. We have Korean-, Chinese-, Spanish-, and Japanese-speaking staff who can offer extra academic and social support for new international students.

Daily tutorials are offered to provide international students in Grade Twelve English with the extra language support that they require to grasp course material.

Fieldstone also offers IELTS and OSSLT workshops.