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Guidance at Fieldstone

The Guidance department at Fieldstone King College School serves to provide students and parents with information and advice on how to best navigate the terrain of secondary school and plan for post-secondary school. All students are invited and encouraged to drop by the guidance office or make an appointment through the main office to discuss matters of school life and academic planning.

Specifically, guidance assists students with the following:

  • University Applications
  • College Applications
  • Finding Volunteer Opportunities
  • Academic Planning – Graduation, Course Selection and Timetabling
  • March Break/Summer Enrichment Programming
  • Gap Year Planning
  • Personal Counselling


To learn more about each of these services, please click the links on the top panel.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to contact our guidance counselor, Ms. Keyan Wu by telephone (416-487-1989 ext. 247) or email at

College Applications

Students typically apply to colleges in Ontario if they wish to pursue a 2-year diploma or 3-year advanced diploma program. However, many colleges now also offer 4-year Bachelor degree programs, like universities. College can be an excellent choice for students who have a very specific job in mind. College can also be a good place to upgrade your academic credentials to then apply to university.

Canadian citizens/permanent residents – students can apply to college through the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS). Click the following link to create your account:

International studentssome colleges will accept your application through OCAS while others will ask that you apply directly with an international application.

Our advice: if you are applying to programmes in one or two colleges, apply directly to the college. If you are applying to more, it would be more cost effective to apply through OCAS.

Colleges in Toronto

Seneca College
Centennial College
George Brown College
Humber College

Other Popular Choices

Fanshawe College (London)
Mohawk College (Hamilton)

University Applications

Fieldstone has a 99% university acceptance rate. Depending on where you would like to attend university, preparing your university application can start as early as Grade 11 or as late as in the spring of your Grade Twelve year. Your guidance counsellor will be hosting workshops and speakers throughout the year to inform you of your options. Make sure you attend as many of these as possible!

While your guidance counsellor will assist you with many aspects of your application, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for completing it.

To learn more about the university application process, click on the type of university application(s) of interest:

This is the simplest application process as all Ontario universities are applied to through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). As a current student, you will be using the 101 Application.

To learn more about the OUAC visit

To research Ontario universities visit

The application process can be summarized as follows:

  1. In the fall of your graduating year (Oct/Nov), you will be issued your OUAC account information.
  2. You will be assigned a workshop time to start your OUAC application with your guidance counsellor – DO NOT MISS THIS!
  3. You will be expected to submit your online application BEFORE THE WINTER HOLIDAYS
  4. Once you have submitted your application, you will be sent information from each university. Make sure you read these e-mails, this information is only sent to you!


  1. Once you submit your OUAC application, you can always make changes! There is no cost to make changes. Universities recommend that you make final changes before Feb. 1 to ensure that your application is received for first round considerations.
  2. You will need a credit card or use online banking to complete your application. If you do not have either of these, you must speak with your guidance counsellor to make arrangements.
  3. Academic information (i.e. your transcript) will be sent to OUAC directly from Fieldstone. Some programmes may require the student to submit additional information (e.g. student profile or portfolio) or book an interview. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure additional information is submitted prior to the deadline.

To apply to a university outside of Ontario, you must apply directly to the school. Application fees are typically between $90 and $120 although there are sometimes additional fees for residence and specialty programs like commerce or pharmacy.

If you are also applying to universities in Ontario, you should complete your OUAC application FIRST. You will receive an OUAC reference number that you can include in your application to universities outside of Ontario and your academic information will be sent directly to these school.


If you do not enter an OUAC reference number you need to tell your guidance counsellor where you have applied and where transcripts need to be sent. You need to provide an address and the deadlines.

Below are links to some of the more popular universities outside of Ontario:

British Columbia

University of British Columbia (UBC)
Simon Fraser University (SFU)
University of Victoria (UVic)


University of Alberta (UofA)
University of Calgary


McGill University
Concordia University

Nova Scotia

Dalhousie University
University of King’s College

*Please note that the Dalhousie University and University of King’s College share the same link: you will see an option for King’s College)

Most universities in the United States can be applied to through The Common Application (

Important Considerations

  1. You should speak to your guidance counsellor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you are considering U.S. universities.
  2. In the U.S. the words ‘college’ and ‘university’ are used differently than in Canada. Both colleges and universities offer undergraduate degrees.
  3. Most universities in the U.S. require you to write the SAT or ACT. Students are encouraged to write these at the end of their Grade Eleven year. For more information click on the links below: The ACT
    The SATThe last day that you can use your SAT/ACT score for the current year application is DECEMBER of your graduating year. Typically, students write in May or June (Grade 11) then again in November or December (Grade 12).
  4. There are over 4,500 colleges and universities in the U.S.A. and it is important you do a lot of research when making your choices. There are many considerations that one should take into account when making a selection. The following links are a good place to start when researching schools:Forbes Top Colleges List
    National Center for Education Statistics
    College Board
    Princeton Review Of course, your Common Application account is also a great place to learn more about U.S. colleges and universities!

Most universities in the United Kingdom can be applied to through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services in the U.K. (UCAS). Click the following link to create an account:

If you are interested in applying to the U.K. you must speak with your guidance counsellor as soon as possible!

Important Dates

  1. Applications begin MID_SEPTEMBER
  2. Applications to Oxford and Cambridge are due in MID-OCTOBER
  3. Applications for most other universities and colleges are due in MID-JANUARY

If you would like to apply to a university that does not fit into any of the categories described above, you have quite a bit of research ahead of you!

Speak to your guidance counsellor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you are considering other international universities. Different countries will have different requirements and deadlines. This will require a significant amount of planning to ensure all documents submitted on time.

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