Fieldstone Alumni

Although I have attended Fieldstone for two years, it has been a great asset to me. I have to give credit to the Upper School teachers for keeping me motivated. All their combined efforts made it a wonderful experience.

Several of my Grade 12 teachers have taken a university approach to teaching which has helped me prepare for university. The teachers assigned projects and marked it based on the criterion at many universities. I also feel I can easily make friends because of the small and close environment Fieldstone offers.

I have studied at Fieldstone for three years. During my time at Fieldstone, I realized I had a great interest in Math and Science. I also had an opportunity to study with Canadian Students which helped me improve my English. Fieldstone is the best!

Fieldstone has been a great school for me. The teachers are extremely supportive, and the small classes are the right learning environment. I will miss Fieldstone however I can’t wait for the challenges ahead at university.

I have so many wonderful memories from all the years that I have attended Fieldstone. I remember traveling to Washington, Boston and Quebec for the Horizons trip. I also enjoyed attending the Semi-formals and dissecting animals and their organs in Biology class.

Fieldstone has provided me with plenty of helpful and personalized information and conversations regarding universities and their application process. The amazingly dedicated teachers helped me perform to the best of my abilities.

I am prepared for university because Fieldstone has allowed me to become a mature and responsible adult. I am ready to take on the challenge.

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