Fieldstone Alumni

I chose Fieldstone because it allowed me to have a closer relationship with my teachers, as its class sizes are very small. Fieldstone exceeded my expectations. Fieldstone really helped me to balance both academics and soccer and the Guidance department at Fieldstone really helped me to work on my university application. I received a 65% scholarship from Dartmouth College.

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About Fieldstone

Our mission at Fieldstone King’s College School (grades 9 to 12) is to provide a stimulating and enriching academic curriculum within a caring and supportive learning environment.
As a ministry-inspected institution, Fieldstone delivers Ontario secondary school courses in a manner consistent with the curriculum expectations and assessment/evaluation techniques used throughout the province. We also offer preparation for Cambridge exams, allowing our students exceptional academic enrichment should they wish for a challenge beyond the Ontario curriculum.

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Toronto, Ontario M6B 3T4
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