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Guardian/Custodian (in Canada)

Emergency Contact

Homestay Host

Student's Medical Information

A student’s well-being is often affected by family difficulties (separation, divorce, illness, bereavement, etc.). Please share any information of this kind that will help us care for and understand the applicant. This information may be shared with academic staff on a “need to know” basis, unless parents specifically request that it be retained for the use of the Administration only.

Fieldstone Medical Consent

The undersigned, being the parent/legal guardian of the student, hereby gives consent the school to provide the student with routine and necessary medical care and treatment. In the event of an emergency, the undersigned authorizes necessary hospital treatment. It is understood that in the event of a serious medical problem, every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian. It is understood that this consent shall remain in effect until the student ceases to attend the school.

Permission to Leave School During Exam Periods

Fieldstone students need permission to be away from school on any mornings or afternoons throughout the examination period during they do not have an exam scheduled.

Students who don’t submit this form will be required to report to a supervised Study Hall. Students who are not writing an exam and are in the school building will also be required to report to the Study Hall during exam periods.

Permission to Leave School During Lunch and "Spare"

Fieldstone students need permission to be off school property during "spare" periods and during lunch periods.

Permission to Participate in Community Clean-ups

Periodically students will be invited to participate in neighbourhood clean-ups, with students and teachers working together to beautify local parks and pedestrian areas.

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About Fieldstone

Our mission at Fieldstone King’s College School (grades 9 to 12) is to provide a stimulating and enriching academic curriculum within a caring and supportive learning environment.
As a ministry-inspected institution, Fieldstone delivers Ontario secondary school courses in a manner consistent with the curriculum expectations and assessment/evaluation techniques used throughout the province. We also offer preparation for Cambridge exams, allowing our students exceptional academic enrichment should they wish for a challenge beyond the Ontario curriculum.

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