Mardi Gras Celebration Unites Classes

Our student leaders- the Prefects- are always looking for ways to promote positive school spirit and unite our diverse student body. They may have found a winning formula with our recent “March Mardi Gras Celebration.” Each Period One class was challenged to choose a theme and to dress accordingly on Friday March 8th. Classes were judged for spirit, based on participation, creativity, and effort. The winning class was promised an ice cream cake.

Classes thoroughly enjoyed choosing original themes and planning their collaborative creations. Chosen themes included Brazil Carnivale (pictured), aliens, colours, Hawaii, and even Converse shoes. The Prefects were so impressed that it was impossible to choose a single winner. They will be presenting THREE classes with a large slab ice cream cake to share after March Break. The best part of the day was seeing all the smiles and bonded Period One classes on the morning of the event. Well done, Fieldstone!

March 15, 2019
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