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Ginie Wong, Head of School, Operations & Personnel

Ms. Ginie Wong (BSC, BED, OCT) has been with Fieldstone for over twenty years. She is committed to lifelong learning and to promoting student success.

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Brian Munshaw, Assistant Head of School/ Cambridge Programme Coordinator

Mr. Brian Munshaw (MSC, BMSC, BED, OCT) joined Fieldstone in 2013 and has worked in a variety of roles from Guidance Counsellor to his current leadership role at FKCS.

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Stephanie Long, Assistant Head of School/Fieldstone School Communications Coordinator

Ms. Stephanie Long (BA, BED, MED, OCT) has been with Fieldstone for nine years and has enjoyed watching Fieldstone grow and evolve as a multifaceted learning environment.

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Keyan Wu, Guidance Counselor

Ms. Keyan Wu (BA, BED) graduated from Queen’s University. Having grown up speaking both Mandarin and English at home, Ms. Wu understands and is well equipped to respond to the needs of English Language Learners.

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Kristine Foy, Managing Director, Admissions and International Programs

Before joining Fieldstone, Ms. Kristine Foy (BA, MAT, RECE) worked in both private and public education sectors for more than a decade.  She is passionate about education and student support.

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Melany Butcher, Admissions Coordinator

Ms. Melany Butcher (HBA) Melany Butcher was born in Daegu, South Korea and came to Toronto when she was 12 years old. She studied Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) at UofT.

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Hala Hussein, Academic Data Management

Ms. Hala Hussein has been working at Fieldstone for sixteen years. She received her Bachelor of Arts (French Language and Literature) and speaks both Arabic and French.

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Monica Park, Bursar

Ms. Monica Park (BSC) is our school's beloved long-standing Bursar.

Lisa Akita, Librarian and International Admissions Coordinator

Ms. Lisa Akita appreciates Toronto's multiculturalism and enjoys supporting our Japanese community, as well as our students from around the world.

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Krystal Zhang, International Student Liaison Officer

Ms. Zhang is an invaluable support to all students. She enjoys working with our diverse student body and supporting their success.

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Tami Ellis, Receptionist

Ms. Tami Ellis was born and raised in Toronto. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Law and Society. Her passion is working with children and youth from around the world.

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Janice Frolich, Creative Coordinator

Ms. Janice Frohlich (BA) is a Graphic Designer from Montreal. She is proficient in Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Branding & Packaging Design and has an immense passion for drawing, music, and all things art related.

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