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Cambridge Programme
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Fieldstone King’s College School and Cambridge Academic Programming

Cambridge programmes and qualifications have a proven reputation for being an excellent preparation for university, employment and life. They provide a valuable international benchmark of learner performance.

Fieldstone King’s College School offers a curriculum that integrates Cambridge learning objectives and assessment strategies into Ministry approved Ontario courses. The result is that students are learning the skills and subject matter they need for success in university and have the ability to take their knowledge further in achieving advanced level qualifications granted by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

How do students earn Cambridge qualifications?

Cambridge qualifications are awarded to students who successfully complete a series of papers evaluated by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). While Fieldstone King’s College School designs courses to cover both Ontario and Cambridge content, students must register for and successfully complete all CIE syllabus components to earn IGCSE or GCE qualifications.

Cambridge examinations are written October to November and May to June. Fieldstone students generally write exams in the May to June Series.

Why pursue Cambridge qualifications?

  • Cambridge qualifications are respected as a significant academic achievement by universities and employers worldwide.
  • Students who complete A Level examinations with a good standing can qualify for advanced standing and possibly credits towards their undergraduate degrees.
  • Cambridge syllabuses are well organized and CIE provides past exams and marking schemes and there are countless resources online to help students prepare for these exams making it an excellent choice for self-motivated and self-directed or homeschooled students to earn advanced academic credentials.
  • Students can apply to most universities with five IGCSE and three A Level (or six AS Level) qualifications allowing students to fast-track.
  • Cambridge gives students the opportunity to test their knowledge and abilities on the international stage and experience the most widely used academic qualification process in the world.

How do students register for Cambridge exams?

There are two types of students who can register for Cambridge exams: School Candidates and Private Candidates

School Candidates: These are Fieldstone King’s College School students. Fieldstone students are welcome to register for any Cambridge exam that is paired with the course(s) in which they are registered. There are no extra costs for school candidates to register for Cambridge examinations.

At this time, our academic programme supports the following Cambridge qualifications:

  • 9709 – AS/A Mathematics (Grade 12 Maths)
  • 9702 – AS Physics (Gr. 11/12 Physics)
  • 9701 – AS Chemistry (Gr. 11/12 Chemistry)
  • 9706 – AS Accounting (Gr. 11/12 Accounting)
  • 9093 – AS/A English Language (Gr. 11/12 English)
  • 9704 – AS/A Art and Design (Gr. 10, 11, 12 Art)
  • 9389 –AS/A History (Gr. 11, 12 US/World History)
  • 0580/0607 – IGCSE Mathematics/International Mathematics (Gr. 9-11 Math)
  • 0510 – IGCSE English as a Second Language (ESLC/D/EO)
  • 0500 – IGCSE English as a First Language (English 9/10)
  • 0653 – IGCSE Combined Science (Science 9/10, Phys.Ed 10/Physics 11)
  • 0410 – IGCSE Music (Gr. 10/11/12 Music)

Private Candidates:

These are not Fieldstone King’s College School students. Private candidates include:

  • Students who have studied overseas but have left before examinations.
  • Students who are home-schooled and wish to earn additional qualifications.
  • Students who have been working with private tutors to prepare for these advanced qualifications and need the services of an accredited CIE examination centre.
  • Fieldstone King’s College School does not provide instruction or preparation materials to private candidates and functions only as an examination centre.

Students can register for examinations as private candidates for any IGCSE or AS/AL syllabus as long as the syllabus does not have coursework or internally evaluated components (some exceptions apply). The fee for each syllabus varies depending on the number of components and length of exams but is generally between $400 and $500 per IGCSE syllabus and $500 to $700 per GCE (AS/AL) syllabus.

To register, CLICK HERE for the registration form that will guide you through the registration and fee determination process. To view the timetable for the next CIE series, CLICK HERE.

For the June 2017 Examination Series:

  • The late registration period for the June 2017 Series of Examinations begins on February 15 2017 ( A late fee charge of $100 will apply)
  • The Final Date we will accept entries will be accepted is Wednesday April 5 2017


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